Annual events

April April student entrance ceremony, class start: early
May New student welcome party (Tokyo Disney Resort): GW
Asakusa Sansha Festival
Medical checkup
June EJU Examination (EJU): Middle
Midterm exam: late
Test holiday: 1 week
July Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): Early
Resume class: Early
August Summer vacation: early (2 weeks)
Lesson restart: late
September Final exam: late
Exchange meeting: late
Fall break: late (1 week)


October October student entrance ceremony, class start: early
November EJU Examination (EJU): Early
New student welcome party (bus trip): middle
Medical checkup
December Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): Early
Midterm exam: late
Winter vacation: late
January Resume class: Early
February Speech contest: middle
Exchange meeting: late
March Final exam: middle
Graduation ceremony: late
Spring break: late

Dormitory information for student abroad

Our college has a friendly working relationship with local real estate agency and we can arrange suitable and economical dormitory for students studying abroad according to their requirement.

Example :

Dormitory type House rent standard
single room of an apartment

JPY 60,000-80,000 a month
(without waterand electricity)

single room of a detached house

JPY 40,000-50,000 a month
(without water and electricity)

apartment or dormitory room (2-4) of a detached house

JPY 25,000-35,000 a month
(without water and electricity)

Notice: 3 to 5 stations from college to the dormitory, transferring twice trolley at most and within 50 mins.

Room photo:

The above is an image photograph, so please understand beforehand that there are slight differences from the actual product.

Information of work-study program

①Japanese restaurant

The Japanese restaurant is located near the Sugamo station at Taito-ku Tokyo. Many foreign students take part-time job here. Work content: server assistant

②Large-scale food factory

The factory is located in Tokyo or surrounding area.

③Local popular confectionery store

Popular confectionery store near our college in Asakusa. Work content: make candy and cakes.

④Other work content

There are job information of Chinese restaurants in Tokyo and convenience stores in college.
Our college will provide guidance on how to fill out your Japanese resume as well as how to deal with interviews.