Flow from application to enrollment

    Enroll in April Enroll in October
STEP1 Submission of admission application required document October 20 – November 15 March 1 – May 20
STEP2 After the selection, we apply for immigration to the Immigration Bureau December June
STEP3 Result notification February August
STEP4 Delivery of tuition fee February August
STEP5 Send admission letter · Certificate of Eligibility March September
STEP6 Applicant obtains passport / visa in home country March September
STEP7 Entry to a country April October

Enrollment guide/ documents submitted

Application period

  • Spring (enter college in April, 2018) from Oct.20th, 2017 to Nov.15th, 2017
  • Autumn (enter college in October) from Mar.1st, 2018 to May 20th, 2018

Qualification for application

  • 1.Be educated for more than 12 years at home or abroad.
  • 2.Have a person who can afford all expenses for studying in Japan and his income certificate.
  • 3.Need to learn Japanese language for more than 150 hours and get N5 or high level of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

Application documents

  • A.College entrance application form (need to be written by the applicant himself)
  • B.Resume
  • C.Reason of studying in Japan in written form
  • D.Seven photographs  
    • ※ → photos bareheaded, white background in recent three months
    • photo size: 4cm × 3cm

Certificate presented

Unless otherwise stated, all certificates all need original copies.
Certificates that are not written in Japanese shall be translated in Japanese. Translator’s name, address, telephone number shall be noted under the translation and the translator shall seal or signature on the right of the name.


  • A.Diploma
    • 1.Graduation certificate of highest education
    • 2.Original copy of transcript
    • 3.If the applicant is still at school, the school shall submit the following certificates:
    • 〇Student certificate
    • 〇Transcript
  • B.Japanese study certificate
    • 1.If you have passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, please submit the original copy of qualification certification and transcript. If failed, please submit the original copy of transcript. (no matter what level)
    • 2.If you have learned Japanese during middle school or university, please submit certificate.
    • 3.If you have ever studied in a Japanese language school, please submit graduation certificate.
  • C.Work certificate (your work situation)

◆Expense payment certificate

  • A.Bank certificate of deposit
  • B.If the expenses are paid by family members: (father, mother, husband, wife)
    • 1.Expense payment form (special form)
    • 2.Certificate of deposit, income certificate and work certificate of the expenses payer.
    • 3.Certificate of relationship (copy of registered permanent residence)

◆Copy of passport

  • All records in the passport shall be copied.


  • Documents needed to enter our college
  • ※The Japanese language school will apply study visa for you according to the rules and regulations of Immigration Bureau of Japan. When you apply for our college,
  • please submit the above-mentioned documents and application fees for enrollment.

Date of college entrance and Quota

  One-year and six-month course Two-year course
Capacity 38 60
Eligibility graduate from high school abroad
(be educated more than 12 years or possess the same educational level)
Evaluation method resume examine
Date of application From February to the end of April from the middle of October to the middle of November
(from June to the end of August in 2018)
Study period October April
Study period One-year and six-month Two-year
Qualification of residence Study abroad

*The students graduate in March every year.
*The school divides students into different classes.
*The school also offers tutorial classes for maths, English and comprehensive subject needed for university entrance.

Class Time

AM 09:00~09:45 PM 13:00~13:45
09:55~10:40 13:55~14:40
10:50~11:35 14:50~15:35
11:45~12:30 15:45~16:30


If your application is passed by Immigration Bureau of Japan and obtain a qualification certificate of studying abroad, our school or overseas office will contact you directly.
You can receive your qualification certificate and certificate of admission after paying the fees.

One-year and six-month course (enter college in October)Unit: JPY

Category First year Second year Total
Evaluation fees 20,000 JPY   20,000 JPY
Admission fees 60,000 JPY   60,000 JPY
School fees 600,000 JPY 300,000 JPY 900,000 JPY
Other fees 100,000 JPY 50,000 JPY 150,000 JPY
Total 780,000 JPY 350,000 JPY 1,130,000 JPY


Two-year course (enter college in April)Unit: JPY

Category First year Second year Total
Evaluation fees 20,000 JPY   20,000 JPY
Admission fees 60,000 JPY   60,000 JPY
School fees 600,000 JPY 600,000 JPY 1,200,000 JPY
Other fees 100,000 JPY 100,000 JPY 200,000 JPY
Total 780,000 JPY 700,000 JPY 1,480,000 JPY


※Notice of paying college fees

  • School fees of the second year shall be paid before the new semester. The specific time will be further noticed.
  • School fees have paid will not be refunded in principle whatever the reason.
  • School fees of the second year can be paid by installment.

※Payment method

  • School fees of the first year and evaluation fees shall be remitted to the school’s specific bank account in one week after passing the study qualification examination.



  • Students shall apply for work permit at Immigration Bureau of Japan first. Then you can work within 28 hours a week without influencing your study.

2.Health insurance

  • Our college leads to all universities and special schools in Japan.

Major admission destinations

Our college strongly support students who want to enter universities and special schools.Our college offers experienced teaching staff and recommend schools according to students’ condition. As interview is important for students to enter into an university, our college offers simulation teaching of interview response and etiquette. We also offers university guidance such as reason paper for first choice university, e-mail to professor and how to write research report. Our college can provide detail information about the universities, graduate schools and junior colleges in different regions of Japan. We can also set out your learning target according to your first choice school.